Spring Fantasy

Spring brings colourful hopes back to the surface. Life chirps and blossoms. Photographer Mehran Djojan opens the doors of his world, staging Berlin with a fantasy lens in a series of Spring scenes we are all dreaming off right now! 

Shopper Black, 499 EUR

A picnic on Earth. 

Flowers picking, day dreaming.

Witness the colorful explosions of nature wherever you are. The sky opens and the sun casts its shades freely, dressing the world with unexpected lights.

Bucket Bag Black, 349 EUR

Time to experiment, to play, to dare.

Laptop Bag Light Blue, 329 EUR

Pouch Dark Blue, 279 EUR

Hi there.

Wallet Light Blue, 219 EUR

A prelude to warm late nights, the streets of Berlin will hopefully reopen soon to night birds and intriguing creatures that will give way to a fantastic parade.

Pouch Dark Blue, 279 EUR

New looks, new colors, this is an ideal time for self-exploration.

Card Holder Python, 79 EUR

Photoshoot by Mehran Djojan

Kabul-born, Berlin-based photographer and director Mehran Djojan captures beautiful conceptual portraits that explore the dreamlike realm of his imagination. We joined forces to create this Spring Fantasy lookbook while giving him the creative freedom to bring the collection to life through his own eyes.

More of his work on instagram @mehrandjojan 

Website: https://mehrandjojan.com/

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