Cocktails & Lemons

Whether you are celebrating the arrival of sunshine from home or in the re-opening streets of your city, the joy triggered by a colourful summer cocktail is equally welcomed.

Browse through the lookbook, featuring our signature designs, and discover our team's favorite summer cocktail recipes. 

This lookbook was shot indoors following the social rites of mirror "selfie-ing", which flourished during the isolation era ;)

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The Italian "Spritz"

by Olivia

"In terms of the classic spritz, the main thing that distinguishes one spritz from another is the type of aperitif (aperitivo in Italian) used to make it. The two most common aperitifs are Aperol and Campari, but these days, there are myriad options out there that range from sweet to bittersweet to just plain bitter. 

60 ml aperol 

90 ml prosecco 

1 spring basil 

 1 slice of blood orange

For a lighter version, add a splash of club soda to top it off. Depending on the sweetness of your wine and the aperitif you choose, you may want to add more or less until it tastes right to you."

Vivid summer tones. 

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The Negroni

by Jena

"It's an absolute summer classic I typically crave whenever reaching the Italian borders to celebrate a visit to the atelier in Florence; a new collection in the making. To enjoy a Negroni you need to embrace the smokey bitterness of the mixture.

30 ml Campari

30 ml Gin

30ml Vermouth

Serve with a peeled orange skin after perfuming the edges of your glass with its fruity note. Cheers!"

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Laptop Bag in Dark Blue, 329 EUR

The Virgin Hugo

by Kirsten

"If you are looking for a fresh, alcohol free alternative, try this revisited Hugo with

2 cl Elderflower syrup 

 ca. 160 ml lemonade (instead of Prosseco) 

Juice of 1 fresh lime 

Branch of fresh mint 

Sip this flowery potion in the shades with a few ice cubes."

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What is your favorite summer cocktail? 

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Wishing you flower-filled days ahead! 

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