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Portrait of Pro bodyboarder Joana Schenker on the beach for her interview

I'm In The Ocean Everyday, I Can't Just Sit And Watch How We Humans Treat It.

Meet Joana, Pro Bodyboarder and Ocean Activist

Portrait of Non profit Kondor female founder Nastasia and Oksana on the beach for their interview

You Can Do Extraordinary Things And Disability Shouldn't Not Be A Limitation.

Meet Candice, Sustainability Consultant

Celebration vegan and ethical fashion in Berlin, Prenzlauerberg

The Café Live #1

A beautiful evening with Sofie Adelsparre, Susie Kahlich and Anne Schneider. 

Female photographer Sofie Adelsparre for her interview

Our Human Quest For Meaning Is The Same Regardless Of Demographics And Nations.

Meet Sofie, Photographer

Interview of French sustainability consultant Candice

Taking Care Of The Planet And Others, It is Taking Care Of Ourselves.

Meet Candice, Sustainability Consultant


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