Fashion Short Film 

Here on parole

Direction & original music by Jack Bartman

This visual poem is a confession to the Earth: humans shall not be regarded as more valuable than any other living beings. Tensions arising between dancing natural elements, wilderness, man-made constructions and their impact on a landscape are recurring themes in Jenah St. ’s approach to design and visual identity. Will we respond to this invitation to embrace unity and to breath as one? 

** OFFICIAL SELECTION ** L.A Fashion Festival

Here on parole is the first fashion short film directed by Jack Bartman for Jenah St. The brand stands for a cruelty-free fashion industry. It shows that you can own a designer handbag made in Italy without using any animal skin but made out of a high-performance alternative that has half the impact on the environment as animal-derived leather. Jenah St. produces its collections following luxury standards that comply with the brand's vision for a cleaner industry.   

The Collection

Pouch Dark Blue
Pouch Chain Dark Blue
Pouch Chain Black
Bucket Bag Light Blue
Bucket Bag Black
Laptop Sleeve Python 13
Laptop Bag Light Blue
Laptop Bag Black
Mini Bag Strap Light Blue
Mini Bag Strap Dark Blue