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Pride Month Special

Pride Awareness Recommendations

by Jenah St.'s Team

A lot is happening around the world and many of us are experiencing anger, fear, injustice and uncertainty. At Jenah St. we stand for harmony, peace and unity between all races, genders and species. 

Making these words a mantra to guide us through life and turning them into practice is what will make us grow as a species. Together as one. 

June is Pride Month across the world. We wanted to highlight a selection of our team picks to celebrate it and spread this message of love and tolerance across our community. 

The team shares a selection of our favorite Pride content we found to be fun, educative, touching, entertaining. So we can all tune in to the rainbow vibe :) 

The Queer Hokey Pokey by Joy Young
How people will try to tell you who you are and what you are about by looking at you. Hair, something that is in many cultures considered feminine, cannot be synonymous with being lesbian or gender nonconforming - right? So cutting it off all of a sudden “earns” you acceptance by society.

Favorite Lines:““My femme friend finally got herself a queer haircut. You know the one whereyou have the half girl haircut with one section shaved - taking one foot out of heteronormality like you’re doing the queer Hokey-Pokey”.

Body Infinitive by Sam Rush
Being born into a body and as a result being forced to confine to all of the societal convictions that come with gender categorizations. But ultimately being able to redefine and take back the narrator of who you know yourself to be. 
Favorite Lines:““Semitic languages conjugate based on both tense and gender. So the word changes based on how the world sees the mouth that speaks it”.

Dear Straight People by Denice Frohman
It's a long awaited and needed validation for how many people who don’t represent as heterosexual feel everyday. Denice is saying I hear you, I’ve been there, we matter, and be your free beautiful self. 

Favorite Lines:“You don’t want them to see you so you change the pronouns in your love poem to him instead of her”; “I don’t like closets but you made the living room an unshared space and now I’m living like a guest in my own house”.

When a Boy Tells You He Loves You by Edwin Bodney
Edwin draws us into an intoxicating but fleeting love. One where you are so eager for love that you lay down your heart, body, and soul for another person. It’s nice for a fleeting moment until they show their true colors and ultimately leave you feeling lost at sea and not knowing where you went wrong. 

Favorite Lines:“Because a boy has never handed those words to you like crushed blackberries in the palms of his hands. Firm. Young. Full. Waiting to taste sweet with you..” 

BOOKS (in German)
Gay Berlin by Robert Beachy
The book analyses how Berlin became a magnet for a lively international gay scene. Why did Berlin attract artists like Christopher Isherwood and W.H. Auden and made them memorialize the city with their artwork. What unique conditions prevailed in Germany in the late 19th and early 20th centuries that made it the center of scientific debate on human sexuality? 

A non-fiction book that looks at the imperial era and the Weimar Republic from a completely new perspective and thus also changes our perception of history.
The Danish Girl by David Ebershoff
Copenhagen 1925: The Danish landscape painter Einar Wegener and his wife Greta, also a painter, have a happy marriage and an eventful artistic life. Until Greta asked her husband to pose for her in women's clothes: Einar turns into "Lili", and soon his role as a woman is more than just a game. Finally, Greta is faced with the question of what to do when the person you love is suddenly a completely different person. 

The book is based on a true story and conquered the cinemas in 2015, with supporting actress Alicia Vikander winning an Oscar for the role of Greta. 
Transparent- TV Show by Jill SolowayAmazon (2014)
In L.A, a family is about to discover their parent (played by Jeffrey Tambor) is a trans woman named Maura. The series takes us in the intimacy of Maura’s past and her journey through self-acceptance, as well as her family’s, in a subtle mix of emotion and humor.   

MilkMovie by Gus Van Sant (2008)
This biographical movie takes you to the 1970’s, through the life of Harvey Milk, the first activist for gay rights to be elected to public office, as a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors (the legislative body of the city and county). He was assassinated in 1978 while campaigning against “Proposition 6”, a state text seeking to ban gays and lesbians from working in California’s public schools.  

Milk by Gus Van Sant

PODCASTS (in German)
#QueerAsBerlin by Michael Meyer
Despite Berlin being part of this podcast's title, "#QueerAsBerlin" is more like a LGBTQ capital studio where nationwide issues are discussed. Inspiring guests like Kevin Kühnert or Georgette Dee share their views. In the last episode, Sigrid Grajek talks about life as a queer artist in the Corona crisis. Sigrid has been a star of the Berlin scene for about fifteen years, is successful with her character Coco Lores. Sigrid talks about her fascination for the times we live in and her exciting life. 

Ach, Papperlapapp! by Marie & Julie
Marie and Juli - people can't be more opposites than these two girls from Düsseldorf. A realistic stubborn person and a dreamy child in search for tolerance and equality. "Ach, papperlapapp!" offers real life stories from the LGBTQ community free of inhibitions. Between the clichés and against the current, Marie and Juli discuss everyday life and their experiences. Two women who talk openly and completely off the cuff about "pussy tourism", "relationship burnout" or "love at second sight". 




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