The Café Live #1

Mood and inspiration shot of the black vegan leather Pouch during the opening of the popup store
Blackbook experience celebrating fair and sustainable fashion at Jenah St. 's popup store in Berlin
Celebrating cruelty-free fashion in Berlin

Wednesday, February 20th - 

Yesterday Jenah St. & Uncoated came together to bring Jenah St.'s Café to life for the first time in Berlin. 

Jenah St. mission as a brand is not only to offer beautiful vegan bags but to promote feminine creativity in all its forms. The Café is the brand's blog featuring interviews of out-of-the-ordinary women. Some of them were gathered at Jenah St.'s popup store to share their story with an intimate crowd of 30 guests. We started the evening asking each individual what their drive is. From that moment on, the room was filled with a sincere and beautiful emotion that bounded everyone until the end.

The Speakers


The Danish photographer presented her work exploring the tension between the domesticated and the untamed within ourselves. It is a look at the inner animal living in our homes, between our furniture. Sofie works in the realm between the political and the personal as she doesn't ask “what is the meaning of life” but what gives our lives meaning.


Martial artist, violent crime survivor, Susie developed a self defence program focused on the actual needs of women. Currently developing an app to reach more people, and a kid’s book about the power of saying no.


Anne shared her adventure as the founder of the home decor brand Nata y Limón, which designs are entirely handmade by women from an indigenous minority in Guatemala. She explained how her quest started and the reason behind her dedication for women empowerment through the art of weaving.

Celebrating vegan and ethical fashion in Berlin
Meetup to celebrate vegan and ethical fashion in Berlin
Pannel to celebrate vegan and ethical fashion in Berlin
Pannel to celebrate vegan and ethical fashion in Berlin
Celebrating vegan and ethical fashion in Berlin
Light blue Vegan leather and ecofriendly pouch at the popup store in Berlin, Prenzlauerberg
Exhibition and meetup to celebrate vegan  and ecofriendly fashion at the popup store in Berlin, Prenzlauerberg

Pictures by @fabsoutdoor

"It was awesome! A pure moment of sincerity."

- Farid

"The vibe was extraordinary."

- Josephine

Thank you to all the people present. Sofie's exhibition is still up at Jenah St. popup store until February 28th - Oderberger str. 6, 1043 Berlin. We hope this is the beginning of a long series.

Exhibition by Sophi Adelsparre in Berlin, Prenzlauerberg celebrating fair and vegan fashion