Meet Candice

May 07, 2018

Meet Candice

How does seeing beauty in every little things changed her life? Meet Candice, Sustainability Consultant and learn how she tackles her day to day life through a series of environment friendly-habits.

What do you want to become when you grow older?

The very best of myself and a successful entrepreneur of my own life able to bring creative, forward-looking and positive energy to any table.

Tell me about a dream you want to fulfill.

Develop a self development program for children to better understand themselves and, as a matter of fact, the fascinating, rich and complex world they live in.




Tell me about a dream you won't fulfil. 

Be a young parent . Be a professional tennis player. Be Federer !


candice 2

What takes you out of bed when it rains outside? 

Do you have a message for your 10 years old self?

Don’t be afraid. Trust yourself and have fun instead cause everything is gonna be ALL RIGHT.

What does fashion means to you? 

mixed feelings. For myself it means a quest for elegance, cohérence, day-changing details and unique pieces that stay fashionable over time. As a system, it means too much : use of non renewable ressources, need for accumulation and a dangerous uniformisation. Beauty sometimes lies in moderation and uniqueness, isn’t it ?

What is the favorite piece your closet?

Katharine Hepburn-like night-blue tight-fitting large trousers I like to wear with wight men shirts. It makes me feel and think like her, so stylishly masculine and feminine at the same time !


Does the wolrd need more super women? 

There are never enough brillant, inspiring and committed people. What super women need more than men is to start being listened to and followed. There is still a long way to go before super women are not asked to justify their right to be the extraordinary person they are, no matter the field! I recommend reading the article Why so many incompetent men become leaders by Tomas Chamorro-Premizic in HBR.